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BRIEF: The Essential Art of Client Management

Have you had enough of difficult clients taking up your time and energy?

Do you feel like your clients dictate your day?

Would you like to spend more time on billable work for happy clients and less time dealing with painful people?

Are ready to take back control of your work week, improve productivity, increase your billable hours and reduce your day-to-day stress levels?

If you are ready to take action and reclaim your time, grab your digital copy of BRIEF: The Essential Art of Client Management, download the free BRIEF Client Management Toolkit and let’s get started!

BRIEF: The Essential Art of Client Management includes practical exercises to kick start your new approach to client management, so make sure you grab a journal, notebook or download the free BRIEF Toolkit so you can keep all your answers and exercises together in one place. Once you start using the BRIEF Approach you will find the transition between problem client files and other work will become quicker and easier, saving you time, effort and energy.

In this book you will discover:

  • You are not alone; we have all dealt with difficult, unreasonable and uncooperative clients.
  • How to identify difficult clients.
  • Why they behave the way they do (it’s not their fault, it’s their faulty wiring)
  • The difficult client’s 3 Core Needs that, when met, make them much easier to manage
  • The BRIEF Approach; what it is and how you can use it to manage problem clients and improve client communication
  • How I have used the BRIEF Approach to create happy clients
  • How you too can use the BRIEF Approach to manage difficult clients,
  • How to use the BRIEF Approach on the phone and in emails.
  • By using the BRIEF Approach, you will improve your time management, increase your productivity and record more billable hours in your day so that you can meet and exceed budget month after month.

Is this book for you?

This book is perfect for lawyers who are at their wits’ end with that handful of clients who are constantly demanding their attention. The clients who send an email for every new thought that pops into their heads, who won’t get off the phone even though they are just repeating themselves, but who never provide the instructions how and when you need them!

Do you remember why you become a lawyer in the first place? Was it to deal with clients’ constant chatter and complaints? To have them waste your time, distract you and cause you stress? If not, then this book is for you.

These difficult clients take up a lot of your time, energy and brain space, leaving you wrung out and completely unmotivated to get on with all that other work sitting on your desk waiting for your attention. I call these your High Attention Clients, because they seem to want all your attention all of the time (except when there is a deadline looming, when they cannot be found).

BRIEF: The Essential Art of Client Management lets you in on the secrets of client management that are not taught at university or shared among the profession. This book will improve your client communication which in turn will increase your productivity and efficiency – better client management means more billable hours per week and hitting your budget month after month. BRIEF: The Essential Art of Client Management shows you how.

Have you had enough of difficult clients? Would you prefer more happy clients? Are you ready to take back control, improve your productivity and spend more time on billable work? Then grab your copy of BRIEF: The Essential Art of Client Management, download the BRIEF Toolkit, sign up for the free video series Dealing with Difficult Clients and let’s get started!

Start loving your work again!


Price : T$10