Jim's Trade Net
3 Little Known Ways to Turn Your Trade Dollars Into Cash Benefits.

Membership of Jim’s TradeNet has a number of benefits. It’s great for cashflow. It’s great for expanding your business network. The purpose of this article is to share with you some further benefits. I wanted to talk to you about how a trade strategy can end up bringing you real cash benefits.

Below are three real world example of what I mean so you can assess how they would be used in your business. These examples are not just imaginary. These examples are ones that I have used, that others have used, or that I am actually in the process of implementing.

With proper planning Jim’s TradeNet membership can become an important part of your business.

Here’s what you can do:

Buy Supplies on Trade, Sell for Cash – Let’s say you run a licenced cafe. You can order wine on trade and sell it for cash. Let’s say you are a printer. You can order paper on trade and use it for cash paying clients.

I am a marketing consultant – mostly online stuff but some of my clients use offline tactics. I can help organise their printing for them, pay in trade dollars and get paid via cash.

Expand your business product line – I am able to get more business by expanding my products via TradeNet partners. As mentioned, I can offer printing services. I can also offer extra consulting and business coaching services via other TradeNet members.

I have also collaborated with other TradeNet members – where they have offered my services to their clients. They get paid in cash whilst I get paid in Trade Dollars.

Get Cash Paying Referrals from TradeNet Members – I’ve offered my services to a number of Jim’s TradeNet members. They’ve loved what I have done for them and then offered referred clients to me. These referrals have been to cash paying clients. Not everyone is going to end up a member of Jim’s TradeNet. Everyone you meet is going to know businesses that aren’t in Jim’s TradeNet. That does not mean that you can’t, and won’t, be referred to these businesses if you provide the right service to your TradeNet client.

Jim’s TradeNet is a great avenue to grow your business. You don’t need to rely exclusively on Trade Dollars. Further, Jim’s TradeNet can help you grow cash revenue in your business. The three examples I have mentioned above can help you with this. If you want to further investigate how Jim’s TradeNet can help grow your business, please get in touch today.