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3 tips to help grow your business with business networking

Business networking is an incredibly effective way for you to grow your business. Effective business networking involves you getting out there, meeting other business owners, creating meaningful connections, having meaningful conversations and coming up with mutually beneficial relationships to grow both of your businesses together.

At Jim’s TradeNet we recognise the value that business networking brings to a business and we work tirelessly to help facilitate this as much as we possibly can. We run regular networking events to try and connect members. We have online platforms to connect members and we’re looking to create more educational resources such as this blog post that will help our members get the most out of their business networking.


Here are 3 tips that we think will help you grow your business networking either through Jim’s TradeNet but also, they can benefit all aspects of your business life.

Set Business Networking Goals – Chances are you have business and marketing goals for your business. If you don’t you should. You should also be setting goals for business networking – how much business you’d like to get from networking, how many events that you will attend each month and how many referrals you would like to bring to other businesses in your network.

Join Different Groups/Attend Different Events – Jim’s TradeNet helps facilitate business networking but there are also plenty of other options available to you – some more formal than others. You should join a variety of different groups. This can include formal organisations like The Business Marketplace, Referrals over Breakfast, service organisations like Rotary International and, of course, Trade Exchanges like Jim’s TradeNet. Just remember not to join too many groups as there are only so many hours in the day.

Have an Attitude of Helping Others First – The most successful business networkers are those that seek to help others first. They seek the opportunity to serve. When they meet someone new they first think about how they can help that person. Karma is a thing in business. If you help someone achieve success in their business you will get success in your business. This often works through the power of reciprocity. If you do someone a favour they’re going to seek to do you a favour.


Jim’s TradeNet is a trade exchange that relies on members networking with each other. Members get access to our events calendar that can add a number of networking events to your monthly calendar.

If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with us today. Call 1300 732 649 or email tradenet@jimstradenet.com 

Check out our events calendar here to keep updated with upcoming events.