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End of the BAS Quarter/ End of Year Spending


The end of the BAS quarter is fast approaching and we can help you spend your hard-earned Trade Dollars and save any possible GST implications.  Spend trade to save cash – easy!


If you have Trade Dollars (T$) in your account why hold onto it?  Spend it in December for tax savings.


We have some great business spends that are quick and easy.  Why not get your office or business spring cleaned in summer – ready for the coming year?  This is also the perfect time to get your office equipment serviced and maintained.  Or how about getting your business image ready for 2018 with corporate headshots, social media etc?


Download and view the office spend guide here for all that’s available.  You have done the work; now let the trade you’ve earnt work for you.


Don’t forget there are dozens of Christmas spends on trade as well.  Why not let your personal shoppers at Jim’s TradeNet help you with your Christmas shopping this year?  Call 1300 732 649 today for inspiration and make sure to check our Facebook Group page daily for awesome gift ideas.


Meaghan Briant

Trade Coordinator

1300 732 649