Jim's Trade Net
Marketing & Promotion Opportunities for Jim’s TradeNet Members

In other articles espousing the benefits of being a member of Jim’s TradeNet we’’ve talked about the opportunities membership gives you to increase your revenue. As a member of Jim’s TradeNet you can increase your profits and reduce your costs but I think in this article it’s worth talking about some of the opportunities you have to actually market your business – and how being a member helps you do this.

Jim’s TradeNet is a great promotional opportunity for your business. There are a number of opportunities available for you to interact with other members – share your offers and generate more business. (There are also ways to reduce your costs but again that is a topic of conversation for another time.) As well as your own proactive actions to introduce yourself to new members, there are other avenues provided by Head Office to allow you to share your products and services.

Jim’s TradeNet Head Office send out a regular email newsletter. This newsletter contains special offers from members – promotional offers for you to share with other members. You are welcome to put your own special offer in this newsletter so that other Jim’s TradeNet members can better understand the products and services that you are offering. Hopefully many of them will take advantage of your special offers – and if they reach out to you there are other opportunities available to you.

Jim’s TradeNet staff organise regular networking events – giving you the opportunity to meet with other members, to find out about their businesses and what they have to offer. These events serve dual purposes – they are to encourage Jim’s TradeNet members to do business with each other and they often contain an educational component. This is to ensure members are educated about the benefits and opportunities afforded to them being a member of a trade exchange – to ensure that they are fully taking advantage of their Jim’s TradeNet membership. Some of these events require you to make a special offer available to members in attendance – a special offer that wouldn’t generally be made to members of the public. Conversely you get the opportunity to take advantage of special offers shared by others, so that you can use your Trade Dollars as well.

Jim’s TradeNet has not forgotten about Social Media either. They recognise that many of their members want to network online. Hence they have created a Facebook Group for Jim’s TradeNet members – this provides a great platform for members to interact with each other in real time – helping each other grow their business and engaging in trade transactions.  

One of the best opportunities available to you as a member of Jim’s TradeNet is having access to staff members who sole job is to help you grow your business. Their job is to help you trade so that people will buy your product or service. They will also help you find ways to spend your own trade dollars so you can reduce your overall business expenses (hence increasing cash profits in your business.)  With a Jim’s TradeNet you don’t need to pay somebody to manage your trade clients and create business opportunities. You get this provided to you by being a member.

If you would like to find out more about how being a member of Jim’s TradeNet can grow your business, please get in touch today.