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Solve your Cash Flow Fears


This time of year you are probably focused on how you’re going to grow your business, getting new business, finding new customers and most of all managing cash flow.

Even if your company is profitable, a shortage of cash can cripple your operations. Many business owners list cash flow and financing among their biggest worries.

In the best-case scenario, limited cash flow might keep you from hiring or making improvements to your business. In some cases, negative cash flow might prevent you from taking on a new order for lack of supplies, keep you from meeting your operating expenses and payroll, or cause you to rack up unnecessary late fees due to delinquent payments.

There is all kinds of advice out there to show you how to manage cash flow, improve cash flow or supplement your cash flow. But how do you know what works for your business and how are you going to implement it? After all, you do have a business to run.


Have you considered using trade as a way to improve cash flow? Yes, that’s right a trade exchange can Improve Cash Flow. You’re offering your goods or services in exchange for goods or services, so how does that work?

Say you gain one new client from a trade exchange, namely Jim’s TradeNet. You service or supply product to that new client and in return you receive some Trade Dollars. In turn, you use those Trade Dollars to get your car serviced, start an SEO campaign and pay your monthly bookkeeping. All expenses you consistently have in your business and always struggle to pay.

That’s great but how does that help you increase your cash flow? Instead of using the cash in your business to pay those expenses you used Trade Dollars. By diverting Trade Dollars to variable expenses you have essentially KEPT more dollars in your business, thus you have increased the cash flow. How many more expenses can you pay with Trade Dollars?

Simple, probably. Effective, always.

Businesses like yours have increased cash flow upwards of 10% or more with a good trade strategy so where could you go with one? I know my spouse would be ecstatic if I could come home at the end of the month with a little extra in my pocket, how about your partner, friends, dog: how would they feel? After all, you are a member of Jim’s TradeNet, so let us help you create the right trade strategy for your business and make this year a better cash flow year than last.

Could be the best move you ever make for your business.

Dave Dickson- Trading Manager