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Technology & Jim’s TradeNet – It’s A Great Time To Be In Business

There’s never been a better time to be a small business owner. New technologies combined with old-school business transactions like barter make it easy for you to start your business. Jim’s TradeNet utilises many of the new technologies that you can use in your own business to help you facilitate more business – to help you grow your own business.

The purpose of this article is to share with you some thoughts on an exciting future – some thoughts on how being a member of Jim’s TradeNet, coupled with utilising new technology can help you leverage growth previously not available to small business owners.

There are a variety of new technologies available to you that can help you grow your business. You can grow your business using Cloud Apps like G Suite, you can keep in touch with your clients and manage relationships using CRM software. You can manage your books with Cloud Account Management Software. New technology helps you address many of the technologies available to you as a small business owner.

Being a member of Jim’s TradeNet, you can get expert advice from other members on the implementation of these new technologies. You can get marketing advice, you can get IT and Technology advice. You can get an accountant and/or bookkeeper to help manage your books. They can help make sure that you are managing your cash and Trade Dollars effectively.

Marketing your business is where great advances have happened – using technology and the advantages of being a member of Jim’s TradeNet. No longer do you have to worry about traditional media advertising – local newspapers, radio and television. Now you can utilise digital technologies – social media, SEO and email marketing for example – combined with networking, an added benefit of being a member of Jim’s TradeNet. Both strategies are incredibly cost effective if implemented correctly. Digital platforms allow you to laser target your prospects. Jim’s TradeNet gives you access to markets and prospective customers you wouldn’t normally have access to.

Unlike other trade exchanges, Jim’s TradeNet utilises the same technologies that you can use to grow your business – they use this to facilitate business between members. They help you promote your business to other members online. They’re also always actively seeking to grow the membership base.

Jim’s TradeNet is a cost-effective way for you to connect with your customers and to access an audience that you wouldn’t normally have access to. Jim’s TradeNet is also a cash flow effective way to increase your marketing, leveraging trade dollars to implement a marketing plan and that you can use outside of Jim’s TradeNet to attract cash customers.

Jim’s TradeNet is a cheap way for you to access new market opportunities. As a member of Jim’s TradeNet you can purchase products and services that will help you market your business more effectively – improved branding, improved lead generation and improved customer service and follow up.
Both Jim’s TradeNet and new digital technologies give you improved access to markets giving you a wider audience. Jim’s TradeNet gives you access to markets you may not normally be able to access – the Internet gives you access to a global market, you can be physically located here in Australia promoting your business to markets overseas and you can use members of Jim’s TradeNet to help you with this promotion.

If you’d like to see how Jim’s TradeNet and new technology can help you grow your business get in touch with Jim’s TradeNet today. They can introduce to people in their network who can help you utilise these digital Technologies to grow your business and better explain how a Trade strategy can help you grow your business.